Arousal after sex abuse.

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CW: the content warning is about child sex abuse, rape, and the aftermath and effects on the human body after.

Every time I have sex with someone new, I get asked a few questions. “Are you a virgin?” haha, I wish. Next, followed by “Are you sure you are turned on. You don’t feel right.” I don’t know how to explain to anyone how offensive it is to be told by seemingly well-intentioned men that my pussy doesn’t feel right, but I am going to try.

Growing up, I was sexually abused from the age of 5 to about 12…

Nobody has seen her in years.

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I wish I knew what made graphic designers sell their MacBook pros and walk away for good. How does someone who has it all fall off the planet?

I met my best friend, Carrie, in a church pod held at someone’s house. I lived in the inner city in section 8 housing. Carrie lived in a beautiful subdivision just outside of Indianapolis. I was six years old when I met Carrie. Every Wednesday, our parents would do homegroup. Homegroup is where like-minded Christians meet weekly for fellowship. Carrie and I spent a considerable amount of time together. …

False pleasantries derail all meaning.

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As writers, we have the power to make words useful or derail all meanings. I find the compliment sandwich ineffective. Honestly, it is downright problematic. I understand editors volunteer their time and are often overworked and stressed. However, you’re lying to us both and wasting our time when you say something is “good” and you sincerely don’t think it is. I understand everyone has different editorial standards and preferences. Please stop telling us we are good and to try again without accurate feedback.

I want praise to be genuine. When editors or other people in our shared spaces say, everything…

Is there a guide for this?

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I am trying to parent, and I don’t feel like I am doing an outstanding job. Usually, my 8-year-old spends some amount of time in the summer with her grandparents. This year we elected to keep our daughter home well before Covid-19 entered the picture. I didn’t expect any of this, though.

I didn’t expect to be housebound for so long expect for going on nature walks, which is fine the first 100 times after a while, it loses its appeal. My Virginia Aquarium passes are collecting dust. My Busch Gardens annual passes are canceled. I generally try to keep…

Solutions for an ideal problem.

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Are you like me? Do you go to the farmers market and buy almost one of everything you see? I think my family is tired of turnips and okra, and I’m not. The shining star of all farmer stands in the summer is the heirloom tomato. I try not to be greedy and take all of them, but I still left with quite a few. I don’t just buy heirloom tomatoes; I grow them too. It’s easy to say I am obsessed.

Maybe you’re like me, and you are always drowning in tomatoes. I’ve come up with a few strategies…

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My brand is emotional suffering.

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